Mary's journey with Fighting Chance CrossFit

I can't believe I've been at Fighting Chance CrossFit for a whole year. What started out as a 30-day challenge with family members has turned into a lifestyle change for me. I started out on the Boot Camp side and then took that scary leap over to the CrossFit side. I look forward to going to Fighting Chance CrossFit everyday. It's where I leave all my worries and troubles at the door and go get in touch with my mind and body. The Fighting Chance CrossFit Community is a family. The people here support you and encourage you. Some of the people I've met here I now consider some of my closest friends.

In the last year I have met and surpassed my weight loss goals. I have gained strength and endurance. I found out that 'Clean', 'Jerk',  and 'Snatch' have different meanings than what I thought... LOL.

By the way I want to give a special thanks to Will for having patience with me as I had never picked up a bar before in my life. I love Fighting Chance CrossFit. It is changed my life for the better. I invite anyone out there to try this. Age makes no difference. I hope to continue for many years. Oh and Will,  keep the burpees coming please. LoL! #BEBADASS
112 Milwaukee Street
Sparta, WI 54656 (view larger map)