Siera's Story

I started my CrossFit journey in January of 2015 at Fighting Chance CrossFit in Sparta. I can still remember the first day I walked into the box. I sat and watched ordinary looking people to some pretty extraordinary things during their workout that day. All I could think about was how badly I was going to get my butt kicked when I started, but I took the leap anyway. Here are some reasons why you should too!

1 - We all start at the bottom.
Literally. No matter where you were with fitness prior to CrossFit there will be movements you can't do right away. Don't be afraid to get started because you're “not fit enough for CrossFit”, we all sucked at first too, its okay!!

2 - Supportive Atmosphere.
Obviously our coaches support you and push you to grow as an athlete, but man you've got to see this community of fit friends! These people are right there beside you every day putting in the fight just like you. Maybe it's that old saying Misery loves company, but they sure make it bearable. Also, if you're like me, you might need a healthy dose of friendly competition, but remember this is your fitness journey and you're not in competition with anyone but yourself.

3 - No guessing games.
It's so easy! You walk in, you do whatever is written on the board, you lay on the floor dying for a little bit and then you leave. It only takes about an hour too, so you aren't wasting any time while you're there. Also, there is always a CrossFit certified coach on duty! What I love is, they really do coach you! They watch your movements and help you make improvements so number 1, you don't hurt yourself, and number 2, you get better! You won't find that at a Snap or Anytime!

4 - Nutritional guidance.
The coaches are very knowledgeable about nutritional plans and ways to help you reach your specific goals. All you have to do is ask!

5 - You get to be STRONG!
And I mean like stronger than you probably ever thought was possible! In my life I never thought I'd be strong enough to do pull ups (I mean, I'm a girl for crying out loud!), but after 3 months of working at them almost daily I did one unassisted pull up and I was ecstatic! After that it was doing multiple pull ups at a time, getting my toe-to-bars, hand stand push ups, and my most recent goal met, which took 2 years and 8 months mind you, was my first ever Ring Muscle-up!

The great thing about CrossFit is seeing your improvements. In the beginning you will set a ridiculous amount of PR's and it will surprise and excite you. That excitement drives you to set even bigger goals for yourself, like learning new movements and adding more and more weight to your barbell. Then it becomes and addiction!

Hi, my name is Siera and I'm addicted to CrossFit. #BeBadass
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