Angey's Story

My Crossfit journey started at the end of February 2017. After some instigating from my aunt I finally got brave enough to give it a go and I'm glad that I did! What has changed for me since February? I have shred 80 lbs and 20+ inches from all over my body. I have lost 8 pants sizes as well. Along with the losses I have gained so much more...strength, confidence, self-esteem, energy, and most importantly I've gained my life back!

I was always a very active person in high school. I was a three sport athlete and constantly on the go. After graduation the sports stopped and endless days and nights of studying, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise getting through nursing school caught up with me quickly. One nursing degree, a marriage, and two kids later I found myself tipping the scales at a number that I have vowed to myself I will never see again. I was constantly tired, depressed, feeling down about my size, and couldn't walk up a set of stairs without getting winded. Feeling like that negatively affects every aspect of your life.

Then one day something in me snapped. I thought about how I am 31 years old with two very young children who need me and I was on a fast track to heart disease and diabetes. I want to be here to see ALL of their big and little moments in life because they are my pride and joy!! I needed to make changes to be healthier not just for myself but for them so that I can be the mom that they deserve to have. And I did just that. I changed almost all of my eating habits and have started working out 5-6 days a week at the box.

When I first started Crossfit I couldn't even do a proper Burpee. I literally threw myself on the ground and stood back up...repeatedly. And I was winded a lot. But I knew that I had to start somewhere so I never gave up. And after my first couple of weeks there I knew I had found what I needed.

Between my husband and kids at home and my new found Crossfit friends I have constant support and encouragement. I have never once felt discouraged by anyone but myself during a workout and when that happens the coaches are there to pick you up and push you along. They truly want to help you and are there to guide you, teach you, and encourage you to crush your goals. The awesome people working out at the box do the same as well. We encourage each other, push each other, and help each other and it is an amazing feeling!

I would encourage anyone and I mean ANYONE to give CrossFit a try no matter what your fitness level is! The coaches will help you get the most out of any workout. Everything can be scaled and tweaked to get you on your road to fitness. You just have to keep showing up and never quit! Set goals and crush them! The feeling is amazing and addicting! I have made great progress in the last 6 months but I have a lot more goals to set and crush and I'm excited about reaching them! I also play softball during the summer and one of my teammates asked me a few weeks ago 'How do you have so much power behind your hits?' My reply was 'Because I CrossFit.' :)
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