Mechille's Story

My CrossFit Journey, it has only just begun….

I have had points in my life when I have been in good shape, when I have been thin, and when I have been heavier than I ever thought I would be.  Twice in my life I have hit that “line in the sand”. You know the point I am talking about, the one where you decide something has to change, that point where you can’t even begin to imagine NOT doing something to improve yourself, your health and your life.  The first time was when I stepped on the scale one day and realized I had surpassed the weight I was the day my son was born. That time my focus was on doing as much cardio as possible and eating as little as I felt comfortable with, very focused on the whole “Calories-in-Calories-Out” mantra.  My diet was low fat and restrictive. And while I did accomplish my goal, and even kept the weight off for a while, eventually boredom set in, with my diet and with my exercise program.  Eventually all the weight came back.

The second time I hit that line in the sand was June 20th 2016. The day I lost my Mother to an out of the blue, life ending heart attack. I knew, without anyone telling me, that her lifestyle had caused that heart attack.  And I knew that if I was being honest with myself, I was on the same path. For the next month I debated on my best approach and I looked at my options. I knew from past experience that the low calorie/cardio mash-up was not going to lead to lifetime results, and I wanted lifetime (lifesaving) results. I had limited gym/workout options but one of my options was Fighting Chance CrossFit and they had Boot Camp!  I took my first Boot Camp class for my 38th birthday. If I had any doubt about how much I needed it walking in, I had no doubt walking out.  Things I used to be able to do easily, were a great effort, if I could do them at all.  But I left that day challenged and committed.  Within 4 months I had moved from Boot camp only classes to doing both Boot Camp and CrossFit classes.

Since that first day to today I have improved my strength, my mobility, lowered by body fat, and lost inches.  I remembered that good for you food is just plain good, that healthy food is more satisfying to my body than junk (your body knows the difference) and that there is no out exercising a bad diet.  I have lost weight but I have learned to count other gains as well. A new skill, a hard workout of the day (WOD) completed, inches lost, smaller clothes, breathing better, doing something that I couldn’t do the day, the week, or the month before.

Sometimes I look at the WOD and know it's going to be hard and that it is going to challenge me but the other members, athletes, and coaches are there to support me.  Just as I am there to support them when they are fighting to rise to their challenges.   Even though I am challenged at every WOD, I am still able to set my own limits, and scale down what I feel I am capable of-but there is no way to complete a Boot Camp or CrossFit class without pushing yourself and working hard.  When I’m done with a WOD, I feel accomplished because I was able to rise to that day's challenge. Then I find myself pushing harder the next time or working on a new skill because I want to make progress, see the improvement, and do something that I couldn't do before. The ongoing challenge is addicting. I am stronger and healthier every day. I am having fun.   And for those reasons, my CrossFit journey has just begun.
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