Andy's Story

I have always kind of yo-yoed with my weight. In the past, I would make up my mind to lose weight, exercise a bunch (usually that would encompass a lot of running or jogging), watch my diet closely, and the weight would just fall off.  The equation to losing weight is not complicated, but performing the basic functions of excise and diet is inexplicably difficult.

Getting older (I am now 46 and my wife 45) was creating issues as well, and the old ways were not working so well anymore.  When my old processes were implemented, they lost their appeal and boredom would always set in; and the older I got, the quicker the boredom would seem to set in.  Because of my prior game plans of 'running a lot', I started to suffer injuries attributable to sustained and repetitive exercise motions. I also started having lower back issues.  My lower back issue was easily attributed to my core strength having deteriorated.  So I could no longer chose to run the weight off and my lack of core strength was creating back issues.

It now became a matter of trying to find something that would keep the motivation going and relieve me of the mundane and repetitious processes I usually engaged in when I was choosing to get back in shape.

My wife's motivations were her own, and it was her initial push that created our first attendance for elements.

It was hard. And my 45-year-old body did not have the flexibility at once had. Hell, even when I was young I wasn't the most flexible cat in the world.

In my experience, the biggest differences with CrossFit that I would like to express when it comes to comparing it to other options available is that CrossFit does two major things differently.

One: Keeping it Fresh. It is always different. Every workout incorporates a different type of stress to your body and challenge. I can honestly say after 18+ months of doing CrossFit there may have been 2 to 3 workouts that have been identical. And those were done on purpose because those workouts were customized workouts that were designed for you to benchmark your growth from the last time you did that work out. So, I would like to emphasize that the workouts are very original and rarely create a mundane experience.

Two: You are never cheated.  I can say this because I've had memberships at other types of facilities.  I've had memberships at the ones where I can come anytime I want and do whatever I want.  This freedom usually resulted in my freedom of not going or not doing a whole lot while I was there. At CrossFit, when you go and do a time allotted group workout, which is referred to as the 'Workout of the Day' or WOD, you never get cheated. I have gone to the sessions before with a less than stellar attitude. Thinking, 'I really don't care how hard I work today, I'm just going to get through the work out', but that never happens as the family atmosphere of support and the motivation to accomplish the day's WOD picks you up and you simply perform.  It leaves one with the feeling of accomplishment even when you've walked into the facility with a less-than-stellar motivational attitude for that day.

It has been about 18 months for my wife and I.  I can attest to the fact that my back issues are gone, and I feel so much stronger. And, we are proud of ourselves for summoning the courage to begin CrossFit.

If you are not doing something in the way of health and exercise and it is because you have inhibitions related to your physical looks or embarrassment of your current level of strength, please don't let that prevent you from trying CrossFit.  It almost did for me, but my wife forged us past it. It is meant for everybody and you will get a lot out of it. My wife and I are very pleased with our decision and expect anyone who is looking for something to keep things fresh and to get a solid overall workout in, then this would be a place for you.
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