Spartan Brawl Team Competition

The Spartan Brawl Team Competition is Fighting Chance Crossfit's staple competition and one of the most unique in our area.  Our competition is designed to challenge the very best athlete as well as a brand new athlete.  Each year we continue to grow and add more to our competition.  This is what makes our competition special.  Our 2019 event will span over two days with many locations and we are very excited to share it with other athletes alike.   We are also bringing back our swimming event this year.    

Date:July 20 & 21, 2019

Format: Same sex 2 person team

Divisions: RX, Intermediate, Scale

Day 1 Events

WOD #1 The Spartan Trail Run

Score will be total time of each athletes run time combined. There may or may not be some hidden items in this event as well!

Location: Justin Trails Resort 7452 Kathryn Ave, Sparta, WI 54656

Day 2 Events

WOD #4 The Spartan Drowning Ladder

Both athletes will be working at the same time for 7 minutes. Athletes may switch whenever they desire.

Ascending ladder

DB Snatch Alt
Hang DB Clean Alt
Single Arm OHS - athletes may use any arm and do not need to switch each round.

RX 50/35
INT 35/25
Scale 25/15

so on until time of 7 minutes is reached.

Each width of the pool is worth 10 repetitions. Athletes will need to reach out of the pool to move a poker chip at each width of the pool.

Score is total repetitions in the time given.
All movements standards will be in accordance with the CrossFit Open.

WOD #5 The Burping Spartan

15 Min AMRAP
60 Deadlifts
30 Burpees
60 STO
30 Burpees
60 Front Squats
30 Burpees

Time remaining, AMRAP Clean & Jerks

RX - 135/95
Int - 115/80
Scale - 95/65

Work can be split up between both partners in any fashion.  Work must be completed in the order it is listed.  There will be two scores for this event.  Time of the chipper and total repetitions of Clean & Jerk.

All movements standards will be in accordance with the CrossFit Open.

Stay tuned for more information to drop the first week of March!

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