Melissa's Story

I began my CrossFit journey in May of 2014 and I've never looked back.  The journey I'm still on has been amazing in transforming every aspect imaginable. Ii've gained more confidence, knowledge and grown in strength.  My body has transformed thru my mental transformation of knowing I can do way more than I ever thought I could do when I began.  

The family I've gained through not only my home box at Fighting Chance CrossFit, but the boxes I've visited while traveling the country have all been so inviting with coaches whose one desire to help get us stronger each time we WOD.

Speaking of coaches, our coach at FCCF, Will...he's one of those coaches.  He programs our WOD's to be tough but teaches and allowes scaling as needed, pushing you if he thinks you're ready for the push.  He coaches most of the classes so he works a lot but he's ready as can be with each new set of athletes who walk in and lift.  He also WOD's with us sometimes and joins in the fun!

Another fun aspect of FCCF is the kids and teen CrossFit.  Seeing our younger generation loving the sport, stay active by following parents examples and just really enjoying getting stronger and better by Will's direction is encouraging.  Don't ever think for a second you can't do CrossFit because you have never tried it or not strong enough or too weak or whatever your excuse may be!!  Young kids are doing this at their level, teens are doing this at their level, and adults are doing this at their level!  We don't have to all do the same thing to get a great workout and benefit from it.  Start now!  You will not regret it!!
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