Kristin's Story

My name is Kristin and this is my CrossFit story.  My CrossFit journey began six months ago.  But my journey to health and fitness has been an ongoing battle for years.  I have always considered myself athletic.  I grew up playing sports and in my early 20s I joined the military, but after I got pregnant with my first baby in 2011 I've been struggling with my weight.  After my second child was born in November of 2013 and reaching my highest weight, I decided that I needed to get serious about my health.  In April of 2014 I started running, lifting, and tracking my food intake.  I successfully lost 30 pounds and kept it off, but I was getting bored and losing my motivation.  I had talked about looking into CrossFit for some time and while out on a run on the Sparta trail one day, I happened to notice that a box had opened in town.  I was so excited!  In November of 2014 my good friend Melissa and I made the decision to begin the elements class at Fighting Chance CrossFit and we have not looked back since.

In the six months tht I've been CrossFiting, I've noticed drastic changes.  What everyone wants to know I'm sure is if I've lost weight.  And the answer is I've probably lost a couple pounds.  I've gotten out of the habit of weighing and measuring myself because that's a sure way to drive yourself crazy.  I've learnded to judge my progress by the way my cloths fit and the weight on my barbell.  What i will say is that I've dropped two pant sizes since joining Fighting Chance CrossFit.  Pants that were once too tight are now falling down at the waist and most of my shirts have become baggy.  My energy level has increased tenfold.  I'm happier, healthier, and stronger!

I have set new personal records(PRs) for every lift since I've began CrossFit.  When I first started my one rep max for my deadlift was 205 pounds, I'm now able to lift that for reps!  My new 1 rep max is 255 pounds.  Both my back squat and front squat maxes have increased by about 20 pounds each.  The Olympic lifts(snatch and clean) are something that I have struggled with.  The Snatch is still a pretty weak lift for me, but im working technique whenever I can.  The clean has become a lift I've learned to enjoy. Over time I've gotten better with technique and  I've gone from only being able to clean 80 pounds to 105.  When I first began at Fighing Chance CrossFit I could only handle 3 days a week, now I'm going 5-6 days a week!

I love CrossFit for so many reasons.  I love our community.  I love the friendly competition.  I love feeling like I'm going to die during a WOD, but digging deep to finish.  I love the feeling of accomplishment and pure exhaustion after destroying a WOD.  I love knowing that I'm stronger than yesterday.  It's exciting each time I notice a new muscle or more definition.  I love when people tell me how strong I've gotten and are surprised by the muscle I've gained.  I love the functionality of Crossfit.  It has made me a better mom.  I have more energy for my kids.  I'm able to stand up from the floor with a kid over my shoulder.  I can carry both kids, one on each hip, up the stairs without feeling like I'm going to drop one.  I can carry a kid on my shoulders and push a cart of groceries at the same time.  CrossFit has impacted all aspects of my life for the better.  At 30 years old, I'm in quite possibly the best shape of my life, and I have no plans of slowing down.  If you think that you are not in shape enough to start CrossFit, you're wrong, everything is scalable to your ability.  I still have to scale plenty, but the point is I'm still there doing work every day.  The first step is always the hardest, but it is worth it.  Once you start to see results it becomes an addiction.
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